QC Department

QC Department

We understand that quality is the most important of an enterprise. From the raw materials to entire production process, our QC department is fully control and inspect of our products to guarantee quality in line with international standards.Our QC under the assistance of the advanced equipment, processing the Insertion and Extraction force test, Life cycle test, Moisture analyzer, Insulation test and so on, to ensure that each of our products meet the quality requirement.

The Major QC Equipment

Equipment List

  • 1、2.5D Overhead Projector

    2、Push-pull Tester

    3、Insertion and Extraction Force Tester

  • 4、6 zone Reflow Soldering Oven

    5、CCD inspection instrument

    6、 Programmed Temperature Humidity Tester

  • 7、Projector

    8、Solder Test Furnace

    9、High Temperature Tester

  • 10、Steam Aging Test Machine

    11、Salt Spray Tester

    12、Life Cycle Test

  • 13、Moisture Analyzer

    14、ICP Tester

    15、Non-Halogen Tester

2nd Element Projector Tester

ICP Tester

X-Ray Tester

Moisture Analyzer

6 Zone Reflow Soldering Oven

Salt Testing

Salt Spray Tester

Pull & Push Testing

HSF Information


Testing Substances