• TUB-C004D
  • TUB-C004D



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Model Name  TUB-C004D
Product Description:  USB 3.1 Type-C Connector
Orientation:  Horizontal
Mounting Type:  SMD
Insertion Depth  6.05mm
Distance Between
Bottom to Center:
Electrical Rating: 1). A current of 5 A shall be applied collectively to VBUS pins (pins A4, A9, B4, and B9)
2). 1.25 A applied to the VCONN pin (B5 of the plug connector) with the return path through the corresponding GND pins (pins A1, A12, B1, and B12).
3). A minimum current of 0.25 A shall also be applied individually to all the other contacts.
Product Life Cycle:  10000
Product Length:  10mm
Product Width:  9.2mm
Product Height:  3.42mm
2D Drawing:  PDF